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Bambai is a footwear brand for women, designs espadrilles in a bold, personal and current way. We have put into play all the illusion to capture in our designs a peculiar way of understanding female style and aesthetics, combining design and comfort.

We are inspired by the small peculiarities that the most current fashion marks, we incorporate details of each season, we seek to redesign something as typical and ingrained as Spanish Spartans are, but we always have the soul of an artisan footwear as an identity stamp, we bet on the innovative and unique design as a differentiating key to the traditional espadrille, making Bambai a unique product.

All our products are run in very limited series made in Spain with the guarantee of artisan footwear Made in Spain. We take special care in every detail of the process, select the best materials and innovate in the pattern, which join the tenacity of the human team, Bambai manages to overcome day by day getting fresh, romantic and different creations.


Victoria González


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