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High heel shoe lined with natural jute of 13.5 cm with a wide front platform that guarantees comfort, made with golden leather and mechanical rear. We are before an icon of tradition, the Valencian spartan. We wanted to make them ours, adapt them to the Bambai style and to the patterns that the most current fashion marks, we have kept its typical heel counter and the traditional ankle strap, but we have innovated in its original cut with straight lines, changing it for a flattering neckline in the front that It guarantees a much more stylized leg, and together with the innovation of the materials and the color, we get a very current shoe without losing its essence.

These shoes have two essential allies that guarantee comfort at all times, the platform and the wide heel form the perfect combination to solve the extra need for comfort, they make it possible to wear impossible shoes under the premise of comfort without the need to choose a shoe lower. Ankle support with velvet lacing is part of our hallmark, in addition to stylizing the leg due to its height, it fits perfectly due to its ergonomic design and prevents them from slipping as we walk. They are perfect for any occasion.


Color: Golden
  • Shovel: Leather

    Heel: Mechanical heel pad

    Lining: Leather

    Plant: Skin

    Sole: Jute

If you have any questions, please call me at +34670727767

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